1/28 College of Medicine EMI Seminar_Dr. Fei-Yang Huang, MDPhD

【College of Medicine EMI Seminar Registration Form】

College of Medicine is honored to invite Dr. Fei-Yang Huang to share his educational experience and career planning with us on January 28 (Fri), 11:00~11:30 am. For more information about the seminar, please refer to the following:

  • (1) Speaker: Dr. Fei-Yang Huang, MDPhD
  • (2) Professional Education: 
          Ph.D., University of Cambridge, Neurophysiology
          MD, National Taiwan University. School of Medicine (minor in Economics)
  • (3) Research Expertise: Neuroeconomics, Monkey Neurophysiology, Translational Behavioral Neurology, Signal
  • (4) Analysis and Neural Network Simulation
  • (5) Seminar Date: January 28, 2022 (Fri) 11:00~11:40 am
  • (6) Venue: 2F, Stanford Lecture Hall, Excellence Building, Main Campus 
  • (7) Language: English
  • (8) About seminar: Dr. Huang will share his educational experience and career planning in English and in an interactive manner. If you are interested in learning more about his studying abroad experience, please fill out the registration form below. 

Contact Info: EMI Program Office, College of Medicine, China Medical University (Ms. Chen)/ TEL: 04-22053366 ext.2191/ Email: shuen@cmu.edu.tw 

Register at https://forms.gle/dV7TBTpn3g8qpw3Y8