【2021 Fall Seminar】abstract/selected paper submission schedule

2021-09-14 Course News

Senior students please submit abstract/selected paper before Sep 28th 2021. Freshmen please submist selected paper before Nov 16th 2021. Complete submission by email PDF file to impbs@mail.cmu.edu....

All graduate students must obtain 6-hour of study certificate on “Research Ethics” from the official website of “Center for Taiwan Academic Research Education” program

2021-09-10 Course News

1.Course introduction and assessments: ★Academic Research Ethics Education Program is a compulsory program conducted online with 18 units and 35 multiple choice questions. ★All graduate students...

【2021 Spring Seminar】submit abstract/selected paper before March 15th!

2021-03-10 Course News

The deadline of submit abstract/selected paper and change presentation order is March 15th. Please email to impbs@mail.cmu.edu.tw directly.