The International Master’s Program of Biomedical Sciences (IMPBS) was established at China Medical University (CMU) in 2015 and is dedicated to providing outstanding research training for international students to pursue careers in the field of life science.

CMU is ranked the top 1% university in the world. CMU’s affiliated hospital is the second largest health care system in Taiwan. Our program consists of an interdisciplinary research community and supported by the faculty from the College of Medicine. The faculty is full of dynamics and specialized in the areas like cancer research, neuroscience, microbiology and immunology, biochemistry and cell biology, and clinical research. CMU also provides tuition waiver, stipends and scholarship to international students. 

Backed by CMU’s excellent graduate program and abundant resources, our students are at the forefront of scientific discovery and breakthrough, and are well-prepared when they graduate for success in the fields of education, industry, and research.