The International Master’s Program of Biomedical Sciences (IMPBS) offers comprehensive, diverse, and extensive courses to prepare students for highly competitive careers in education, industry, and research. Students are expected to spend their two years in a sequence of required and elective courses that cover the principles and techniques in cellular as well as molecular biology.

Required courses

  1. Molecular Medicine  (4 credits) College required
  2. Seminar  (1/1/1/1 credit) Program required
  3. Lecture on modern biomedicine  (1/1 credit) Program required
  4. Research Ethics  (0 credits) School required
  5. Laboratory Safety  (0 credits) School required
  6. Thesis  (6 credits) School required

Elective courses

  1. Bioinformatics  (2 credits)
  2. Introduction to Neuroscience  (2 credits)
  3. Scientific Writing  (1 credits)
  4. Microbiology and Immunology  (2 credits)
  5. Advanced Principles and Applications of Biotechnology  (2 credits)
  6. The introduction and application of stem cells  (2 credits)
  7. Cardiovascular Biology  (2 credits)
  8. Cancer Biology and Therapy  (2 credits)
  9. Courses from other Dept. of CMU
Courses Title R/E Credit 1st Year 2nd Year Course Code Time Notice
Fall Spring Fall Spring
分子醫學Molecular Medicine  R 4 4       D4D000136 Lecture: Fri 78
PBL: Tue 78 or Fri 9A
college required
R 4 1 1 1 1 M5M000003/M5M000005
Tue 34 (Fall)
Mon 56 (Spring)
研究倫理                                                  Research Ethics R 0 0           校定必修課
University  required.
online course.
實驗室安全                                               Laboratory Safety R 0 0           校定必修課
University  required.
碩士論文 Master Dissertation R 6       6      
 Total Required Credits R 14 5 1 1 7      
Special topics on lecture of biomedical sciences
E 2 1 1     GBD000001/GBD000003
Fri 40
學程規定必選課程           Program required to elect.
進階生物技術原理與應用Advanced Principles and Applications of Biotechnology  E 2 2       M5M000011 Wed 12  
腫瘤細胞生物學研究法Biomethodology of tumor cell biology E 2 2       M5M000017 Thu 23 including PhD program of GIBS
腫瘤發展與惡化 Tumor development & progression E 2   2     M5M000018 Tue 78 including PhD program of GIBS
偽慢病毒應用與實作Application & practice of pseudotyped lentivirus E 2 2       M5M000019 Mon 5678 Summer Break Course
Introduction to Neuroscience
E 2   2     M5M000008 Tue 78  
Microbiology and Immunology
E 2   2     M5M000010 Mon 34  
Scientific Writing
E 1     1   M5M000009 Tue 4 recommend for 2nd or higher semester student
Total Elective Credits E 15 7 7 1 0      

Graduation Requirements

The requirements for graduation include the following:

  • Successful completion of 31 credit hours of required courses (10 credits) and electives (15 credits)
  • Conduct of an original research project
  • Submission and defense of a master’s dissertation (6 credits)
  • Pass thesis defense. 
    Steps for applying thesis defense.
    * Package for application please download at Downloads.

Student Advisory Committee

Thesis Advisor

The thesis advisor is responsible for helping their students maintain steady progress toward their Master’s degrees. The thesis advisor guides the student in effectively utilizing the resources within the IMPBS and the overall academic community to ensure that the student becomes well-trained and educated. The relationship between the thesis advisor and the student should be established only after careful consideration and assessment by both the student and their prospective thesis advisor.

All faculty with primary or secondary appointments at CMU may serve as thesis advisors for graduate students in the IMPBS. A thesis advisor is expected to assume financial responsibility for the student during their tenure in the faculty member’s laboratory.  


The format of every thesis should include an “Abstract”, an “Introduction or Background” section that reviews the literature as well as provides a rationale for the problems addressed, a “Materials and Methods” section, a “Results” section that presents the experimental data, and finally a “Discussion” section that summarizes the conclusion and postulates about avenues for future perspective work.  

The Thesis Advisory Committee comprises three to five members; two to four are faculty in the International Master’s Program of Biomedical Sciences (IMPBS) and one member is from outside CMU. The thesis must be submitted to the Thesis Advisory Committee at least one week prior to the defense to permit the members adequate time to review it.