Practical Basic Everyday Mandarin Series for Free! 實用初級生活華語系列課程

The course, which based on TOCFL (Test Of Chinese as a Foreign Language) A1 level, is designed for students who have never learned Chinese before, or who are in a very beginning level. The course contains about basic daily conversation (e.g. self-introduction, family, hobbies, and shopping). Students are expected to learn how to ask/ answer simple alternative questions in Mandarin Chinese.

This is free course for foreign students, you will get the certificate of study after complete the course. Futher information and register please check the website: http://taiwanlife.org/local/enterprise/generalcourse.php?id=14&lang=en

*courses information: https://www.cmu.edu.tw/news_pub/download/attach_file/201910081037331.pdf

四門線上課程均於Taiwan LIFE台灣全民學習平台開課,即日起免費線上註冊報名,課程修習完畢並完成課程要求,將獲得該課程之「修課證明」,歡迎有興趣之外籍師生或新移民團體踴躍報名參加。

二、「實用初級生活華語系列課程」之修課方式:請先註冊個人平台帳號(Taiwan LIFE平台網址:http://taiwanlife.org/)後,選擇所需課程即可修課


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