The International Master’s Program of Biomedical Sciences (IMPBS) offers comprehensive, diverse, and extensive courses to prepare students for highly competitive careers in education, industry, and research. Students are expected to spend their two years in a sequence of required and elective courses that cover the principles and techniques in cellular as well as molecular biology.

Required courses

  1. Molecular Medicine  (4 credits) College required
  2. Seminar  (1/1/1/1 credit)
  3. Research Ethics  (0 credits) School required
  4. Laboratory Safety  (0 credits) School required
  5. Thesis  (6 credits)

Elective courses

  1. Special topics on lecture of biomedical sciences  (1/1 credit) Program required
  2. Bioinformatics  (2 credits)
  3. Introduction to Neuroscience  (2 credits)
  4. Scientific Writing  (1 credits)
  5. Microbiology and Immunology  (2 credits)
  6. Advanced Principles and Applications of Biotechnology  (2 credits)
  7. The introduction and application of stem cells  (2 credits)
  8. Cardiovascular Biology  (2 credits)
  9. Cancer Biology and Therapy  (2 credits)

Graduation Requirements

The requirements for graduation include the following:

  • Successful completion of 31 credit hours of required courses (10 credits) and electives (15 credits)
  • Conduct of an original research project
  • Submission and defense of a master’s dissertation (6 credits)